Megali Ammos Beach


Megali Ammos Mykonos

Starting behind the iconic windmills and stretching south, Megali Ammos is the closest beach to Mykonos Town. Featuring soft sand, shallow water and large flat rocks, the beach is generally not crowded and is pleasant to take a stroll along at any time of the day or into the evening, offering a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the town.

The road runs just behind the beach and there are a number of accommodation options to choose from that offer spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. The taverna, Joanna’s Nikos Place, is located right on the beachfront with tables and chairs on the covered patio and on the sand. They offer a varied menu of delicious food with their outdoor barbecue being one of their most popular specialties.

So, if you are exploring Mykonos Town, you may want to take some time to take a dip in the sea at Megali Ammos beach and enjoy a meal and refreshments at the beachfront taverna. And if you happen to be there at the end of the day, you can appreciate the most beautiful sunset over the sea as an added bonus to a memorable Greek island experience.