Armenistis Lighthouse

lighthouse mykonos

Built in 1891, the Armenistis Lighthouse stands as a tribute to the rich maritime history of Mykonos while remaining fully functional today. Situated on the north-western tip of the island, the lighthouse overlooks the stretch of sparkling blue water between Mykonos and the neighboring island of Tinos. Its strategic position offers scenic views of the surrounding areas and is well worth visiting to get a sense of the island’s fascinating history and enjoy its spectacular beauty.

The decision to build the Armenistis Lighthouse was prompted by the sinking of the British steamship Volta in 1887 off the north coast of the island. Eleven people lost their lives in that unfortunate incident. Steps had to be taken to avoid this type of tragedy from happening again, and by 1891 the 19 meter tall lighthouse was standing as a guiding beacon to incoming ships. The machinery used to provide the light was designed by French company Sauter Lemonier and received an award at the International Exhibition in Paris at the time. This machinery remained in use until 1983 when it was replaced by electrical equipment. Visitors can view the original lighting machinery in the courtyard of the Aegean Maritime Museum in the center of Mykonos Town.

The Armenistis Lighthouse is located at Fanari, around 6.5 kilometers from Chora (Mykonos town) on the north coast road of the Island.  Include the lighthouse as one of your destinations on an island tour and let Mykonos Dream Travel arrange the transportation to take you there.