Kalafatis Beach


Kalafatis beach mykonos


Located on the southern coast of Mykonos, with its long beach flanked by headlands, and a large deep bay with a consistent offshore breeze, Kalafatis beach features perfect conditions for the exhilarating sport of windsurfing. It is here that windsurfing enthusiasts gather to put their skills to the test, either solo or against one another in organized or spontaneous competitions.


Kalafatis beach is a great place for beginners to learn how to windsurf and the Pezi Huber Windsurf Center offers expert tuition to make that possible. The center is well stocked with quality windsurfing equipment for hire at competitive prices.



The dive center at Kalafatis offers tuition and equipment for scuba diving and snorkeling. Divers have the option of exploring a cargo ship which sank offshore in 1995 and lies at a depth of around 20 to 30 meters, while the ancient wreck of the “Peloponnesos” which sank in 1926 has become part of the reef and home to a variety of underwater plants and colorful fish. Other water sports found at Kalafatis include jet-skiing and water-skiing.

While it may sound like it’s all action at Kalafatis, there is a spacious area reserved for swimmers to enjoy the sea in safety.

Kalafatis is a very picturesque beach with a row of trees along its border providing shady spots to relax. A road with plenty of places for parking runs the length of the beach on the other side of the trees. There are beach beds and umbrellas on offer and a beachfront tavern provides food and refreshments.